How do I know if I am getting good service from accountant?
If one of the following applies;

  • Your accountancy and tax work is always being finalised near the deadline.
  • You cannot get in touch with the Partner responsible for your business. 
  • You do not want to get in touch with the Partner responsible for your business, because of fear of the bill.

You have a problem, if all three apply you have a disaster.

How do I know if I am paying too much tax?
Arrange a meeting with Silbury and get a second opinion of your current tax charges.

How do I know if I am paying too much to my accountant?
Silbury agree fees in advance and fixed fees are available. see more…

How can I cut my accountancy costs?
If you currently have an accountant prepare your payroll then prices are often lower at a specialist payroll bureau. Also consider bringing bookkeeping in-house.

Why bother changing, when all accountants are the same?
All accountants are not the same, there are a minority like Silbury, who are committed to providing their clients’ excellent service at a fair price.

How easy is it to change my accountant?
Whilst there is inevitably some paper work involved in a change, Silbury will help you through the process. Your old chartered accountant has a duty to provide us with all necessary continuity information, in addition, there are alternative ways of obtaining most of this information.

Do I need to give any notice period to my current accountant?
Normally no. Silbury will take over your business affairs at any time during the year.

What will my bank think of me changing accountant?
If you are changing to receive better service and value for money then bank managers will not object to the change.