Financial Planning

1. You are no longer paying into:

Over the course of your career it’s likely that you’ll have paid into pensions along the way. Sometimes these funds left behind, can be significant but they might be invested in funds that don’t match your investment approach.

2. You are funding now:

If you’re paying into a pension it’s not simple to see whether you’re making the right level of contribution. Paying too much might mean that you’re not enjoying the lifestyle you want now. Equally, paying too little can mean the difference between a comfortable lifestyle and finding things difficult financially in retirement.

3. You want to buy commercial property with:

Making investment into pensions with commercial property can work in the right circumstances but understanding the risks is important. Spreading the investment risks and the liquidity of the fund when the time comes to take your retirement income are just part of the issues that need careful consideration.

4. You want to use for retirement income:

Taking your pension at retirement is no longer an automatic case of buying an annuity which pays your pension for the rest of your life. The choices have widened significantly and it can become bewildering. Taking guaranteed income, investment income and drawing capital to meet income is a difficult balancing act. Understanding the risks and the pros and cons rewards of each approach is critical to making sure that your pension is secure and properly managed for the rest of your life.